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The future of healthcare delivery requires novel solutions that will improve healthcare delivery while reducing overall costs. The House Calls model of innovative community partnerships offers a creative opportunity where EVERYBODY WINS!

You now can be one of the first to offer on-site, regularly scheduled Primary Care - an invaluable option that will interest every resident and grow your census!
When choosing from among the wonderful retirement communities in our area, choose the community who offers House Calls – where you have the option to have your Primary Care offered to you in the comfort and convenience of your own room!
You now can have access to YOUR medical team, led by YOUR community’s Primary Care Provider, who will be visible, accessible, and responsive to YOUR needs and the needs of your residents!
The House Calls model offers a perfect opportunity to grow your full-time practice or to work part-time and enjoy the flexibility of integrating a rewarding career with your own personal interests!

Be part of a unique, innovative healthcare delivery model where you practice your state-of-the-art primary care in a pleasant setting with appreciative patients and staff who need you!
How exciting will it be to unite together and deliver your exceptional service as a member of an elite team in each retirement community – the Mobile Medical Home – where we work openly and cooperatively with each other to deliver team-based exceptional care to our seniors!

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