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A. House Calls is a physician owned healthcare coordination service. We form partnerships with community healthcare services and unite them as a team to bring IN-HOME healthcare to seniors. Our goal is to help seniors achieve and maintain their maximum health and independence.
A. Yes! House Calls partners with a Primary Care Provider who is available to offer you state-of-the-art primary care services to you in the convenience of your community or apartment.
A. Use of the House Calls provider is completely voluntary. You may continue with your current provider and use the House Calls provider whenever you choose, such as during those times when you would prefer a provider to come directly to your community or apartment rather than you going to a providerís office. Or, you may choose to receive all your primary care from the House Calls provider. The choice is strictly up to you.
A. Your cost when using the House Calls provider is the same as it would be if the care were delivered in your providerís office. There is no additional fee for providing your care in your community or apartment. Most insurance policies are accepted.
A. Yes. Simply contact House Calls, and we will schedule a convenient appointment with the House Calls provider. Routine appointments will be scheduled on the clinic day offered in your community. Urgent appointments may be scheduled on non-clinic days but may require you to be seen in the providerís office.
A. Your House Calls provider will need a short registration form to be completed. In addition, if you are a new patient to this provider, a medical history form and insurance information will also be required. If you currently have a provider who keeps your medical records, then please ask your provider to send you the most recent medical history or summary of your care. This information will help to streamline your care so that your House Calls provider will not need to take the lengthy time to duplicate your information.
A. Yes! The following tests may be performed in the comfort and convenience of your community or apartment:
  1. Most laboratory services.
  2. Many types of routine x-rays, such as chest x-ray, bone and joint x-rays, etc.


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