Think the same, stay the same. Think differently, and thrive!

Think the same, stay the same.  Epitaph?  Or opportunity?  If you are a Retirement Community who thinks this way, then your competitors are silently thanking you.  That’s because, slowly but surely, they will be assimilating YOUR residents (or perhaps already are!).  Make no mistake about it…while you’re playing it safe and not investing in and promoting new services and amenities that distinguish YOU, your successful competitors are doing just the opposite.

Ask yourself:  what do we offer today that we didn’t offer 3 months ago, 6 months ago, a year ago, that brings real value and meaning to our residents and that truly distinguishes us?  Many Communities won’t have an answer, and their silence is just another nail in their coffin.

But to those of you who do have an answer, have you really promoted these services?  Do the homeowners and others who live and work within a 10 mile radius of your Retirement Community (where 70% of your referrals come from) even know what you offer and the ways you are different from your competitors?  Or is your advertising exactly the same as everyone else in your town?

What would be your response to a prospective resident or baby boomer family who were to ask you:  “What distinguishes YOU from all the other Communities we’re going to tour today?”  Would you have an immediate and enthusiastic response?  Or, would you find yourself mumbling and getting all tongue-tied attempting to escape a VERY uncomfortable, yet very basic and ESSENTIAL question.

A follow-up blog will be coming out soon that will offer a suggestion.  In the meantime, think about the following:


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