Critical Insight Revealed by Data Mining Your Retirement Community

data mineHave you ever considered “DATA MINING” your assisted living or independent living community?  That is, ‘going deep’ into all the information you have at your disposal about your residents – demographic, social, health…everything.  Your retirement community…every retirement community has a treasure trove of unused information about its residents that could be used to improve your business, your marketing, your services, and your amenities in ways that will positively impact your bottom line – census.  And these data are specific to YOU and YOUR COMMUNITY.  Unveiling this information by data mining, then organizing and analyzing it, and then finally comparing it to data from other communities as well as national data available in the literature, will reveal a specific profile, not only of your community as a whole, but also of every resident living in your community.

In the coming weeks, I will post blogs on the House Calls website that will chronicle our experience of data mining independent and assisted living communities in Boise, Idaho.  I will highlight the kinds of valuable information that is available to every retirement community and the recommendations that can positively impact performance and census.  I look forward to thoughtful feedback and provocative discussion.