PHYSICIANS NOW AVAILABLE To Provide Team-Based ON-SITE Primary Care Services in Retirement Communities!

Health and wellness Programs in Boise’s Retirement Communities now have a new member – PHYSICIANS! Until now, residents of Boise’s Independent Living and Assisted Living Communities struggled to communicate with physicians, follow telephone orders or recommendations, make appointments, and arrange off-site transportation to physician offices.  Many seniors don’t have either the ability or the assistance they need to meet these challenges, and so necessary medical services are often neglected, leading to worsening health, preventable falls, trips to the ER, hospitalization, and nursing home placement.  But this familiar scenario is about to change now that timely, on-site PHYSICIAN primary care services can be integrated into a Retirement Community’s existing Health and Wellness Program.  Those communities that embrace this new member of their Health and Wellness Team will prosper as a result of the improved health of their residents that will naturally lead to improved census.

When Physicians and Retirement Communities partner together, EVERYBODY WINS!

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