House Calls now offered in Boise!

House Calls has come to Boise! Old fashioned house calls with new fashioned ideas is now offered to Boise’s Retirement Communities. Complete Primary Care Services are now available to residents in the comfort and convenience of their own community or even their own apartment. Residents no longer have to struggle with negotiating burdensome scheduling and transportation arrangements for every doctor’s appointment. Instead, they now have the option of easily reserving a convenient and timely in-home appointment with the House Calls physician who will deliver state-of-the-art primary care services. Blood tests and most routine x-rays may also be performed in the resident’s apartment.
This breakthrough – bringing regularly scheduled healthcare services to retirement communities – has been developed by an innovative new healthcare company with the same name: House Calls ( Created and operated by 2 experienced Boise physicians – Steven Fuller DO/ PhD and Boise State University faculty member Uwe Reischl MD/PhD – House Calls was formed to bring in-home healthcare to seniors in order to help them maintain their health and independence. By making routine healthcare services easily accessible, seniors have a much better chance of remaining healthy, active, and happy.
Retirement Communities also benefit from availing their residents to on-site healthcare. Baby boomer children who are assisting their elderly parents with making choices about living options will naturally consider a community that offers the easy availability of essential healthcare services, like House Calls. Also, new residents from out of town who don’t yet have a local physician will prefer a community who has an easily accessible on-site physician readily available to continue their primary care. Retirement communities who offer these attractive benefits will prosper and, as a result, be able to offer even more wonderful amenities to their residents.

House Calls’ coordination services are not limited to delivering primary care, for it coordinates other on-site services that benefit the community, its residents, and their families. These additional services include weekly blood pressure clinics, educational classes and workshops for caregivers delivered by local nonprofit organizations, regularly scheduled Ask-a-Doc sessions, and student volunteer relationships with Boise State University. Any community service that would benefit the residents is a potential partner.
The Boise area and its 61,602 senior residents is blessed with over 67 Independent Living Communities. One community that stands out among them all is Heatherwood, located in a quiet residential neighborhood at 5277 Kootenai. This beautiful community is the first to partner with House Calls. Starting in October, Heatherwood residents will benefit from services not available at any other Independent Living Community in Idaho. Heatherwood welcomes inquiries, and Dr. Fuller would be happy to speak personally with families who are considering a retirement community among their home living options.

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