A Physician in Every Home

Everybody knows that Bill Gates was crazy when he dreamed 35 years ago, “A computer in every home.” He was completely nuts, right?  Not possible, can’t be done, etc.  Yeah right…

But now how about, “A physician in every home.”  Crazy, not possible, can’t be done, right?

But I say, not only a physician in every home, but an entire healthcare team –  nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, social workers, radiology, lab, EKG, all led by an active and engaged physician, IN EVERY HOME!

Is this just “pie in the sky”, wishful thinking, or worse…?

No to all of the above.  This can be done…NOW!  With the resources we currently have.  And it doesn’t depend on Medicare or insurance companies changing the way they reimburse (now THAT’S wishful thinking!).  And it doesn’t depend on some type of wild and ‘far out’ technology that hasn’t been invented yet.

What’s required is that we simply change our thinking.   We just “rearrange” the way we use our current resources, open our minds, and augment our business model to finally begin doing what we’ve always just assumed was impossible:  make our HOMES, not the doctor’s office, the primary site of healthcare delivery.  This is NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

We need to stop viewing ourselves as victims of a dysfunctional healthcare system, and we do this by taking control of healthcare delivery in our communities.

If we rearrange the way we use our existing resources even while keeping our existing system of reimbursement, we can bring an entire healthcare team to every home, apartment, and trailer.

All we have to do is change our thinking!


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