HOUSE CALLS – Census Builder for Retirement Communities!

One of the major challenges of managing a retirement community is achieving a profitable census.  To be successful, most of the living quarters must be occupied by residents.  But in such a competitive market with so many beautiful communities, achieving and maintaining a profitable census is a constant challenge.

The 1st challenge is growing the census.  To do this, communities attract residents by offering pleasant surroundings and a variety of amenities to make life enjoyable and comfortable for their residents.  But Retirement Communities struggle to differentiate themselves from their competitors in their marketing and advertising.

The 2nd challenge is maintaining the census.  Many elderly residents in retirement communities have chronic medical conditions that make them vulnerable to illness.  And when illness strikes, it can be difficult for them to obtain timely medical attention because of the difficulties of making and coordinating physician appointments as well as physical and transportation limitations.  Thus, medical care is often delayed, and this can lead to a resident going to the Emergency Room or even hospitalization.  The unfortunate result for the retirement community is that the recovering resident may no longer be well enough to return, resulting in a reduced census and the need to fill a new vacancy.  From a business point of view, this health related attrition represents a constant threat to maintaining community profitability.

House Calls offers the ideal solution to both of these challenges.  The House Calls physicians provide regularly scheduled, full primary care services in the comfort and convenience of a resident’s own apartment.  This will help to grow the community’s census, because prospective residents who are searching for a retirement community will preferably choose one where the physician will care for them in their own apartment.  This will also help maintain the community’s census because of the visibility and accessibility of physician services which leads to earlier recognition and treatment of residents who become ill.

When Retirement Communities partner with House Calls, everybody wins – residents, the retirement communities, and all the other services coordinated by House Calls who work as a team to keep residents as healthy and independent as possible.