In-Home Primary Care is here!

In-home Primary Care is now available for residents of Independent and Assisted Living Centers in Boise! House Calls now offers residents the choice of having their primary care delivered to them by an old fashioned House Call right in the privacy of their own apartment. In addition, new residents who don’t have a Provider can choose to obtain their primary care with the House Calls Provider and have their care delivered in-home.

House Calls will partner with facilities to make these services available to the residents. There is no one else in the Boise area that offers this unique service using our innovative model of partnership. Everyone wins!

We are currently seeking a “Beta Site” who will be the first facility to offer their residents our program of in-home primary care. The first facility to sign up will have many benefits beyond the availability of the House Call mentioned above, and these benefits will include significant cost savings and many additional services.

If you would like to participate in this unique and innovative program or obtain further information, please call, e-mail, or leave a reply to this blog.