Value of Mobile Medical Home to Senior Communities

If you’re a manager of a Senior Community (Independent or Assisted Living), then you know that healthcare is the #1 concern of every single one of your residents.  What if your community could offer the comfort and convenience of easy and timely access to in-home healthcare to any resident who would choose to use it?  What if you could offer your residents easy availability to someone who would assist them with all their medical questions?  What if you could tell your residents that they would not have to struggle with all the issues of transportation when going to their provider’s office because your community is a partner with House Calls who will bring the provider to THEM, in the privacy of their own room?  If you’re a manager of a Senior Community, just imagine how the value of House Calls and the Mobile Medical Home would serve as a market differentiator!

House Calls ‘Mobile Medical Home’ in development!

A Mobile Medical Home…in YOUR home!

A physician directed Mobile Medical Home, consisting of a team headed by a Primary Care Provider and supported by many community healthcare services, based in YOUR home!  If you live in a senior community (Independent or Assisted Living), this innovative and exciting new program applies to you.  Stay tuned for further developments!

The 61,602

The goal for all of us is to be part of this group one day…

The 61,602

61,602 beautiful people need you…now. They need you. Most of the 61,602 consider themselves unwell and are prescribed an average of 16 different medicines annually. Two-thirds of them will become physically or cognitively impaired in their lifetime, and 1 in 3 will ultimately need a nursing home. By 2030, their numbers will have grown to 145,752.

These incredible individuals have conquered a lifetime of challenges and troubles, yet they have survived. So make no mistake – they’re tough, outrageously tough, more so than you and I can or want to imagine. So tough that despite failing bodies and a myriad of ailments, aching joints and muscles, despite life’s disappointments and heartbreaks and lost dreams…despite successes that no one seems to care about any longer and dark memories that invade an increasingly unprotected mind and distract from a well-deserved peace in the early morning hours…despite all this, and more…they look into your eyes and smile, they inquire about you and are genuinely interested in you. And in a fleeting moment’s conversation they give you their trust, their hearts and their love.

These people are not an isolated group of unfortunates in a 3rd world country somewhere. These are our seniors, 65 years and older, in Ada and Canyon counties. Just these 2 areas – that’s all…not in all of Idaho or in some faraway place. These are our neighbors who live in and immediately around Boise, only a short distance from our homes – the people who we see every day as we go to the mall, drive to the grocery store, who sit near us in church, who we pass in stores or restaurants, and who may cause us to slow down a bit just before we hurriedly walk around them in a crowded area. These are our neighbors, our aging parents, our friends. They live alone, and many live in retirement communities. Many of the 61,602 have children who love them but who are busy with their own lives and jobs and their own kids. And very often the children live out of town and just can’t be present very regularly. Many of the 61,602 seniors around us are vulnerable and have very little support if something happens to them.

And what if something does happen? That’s the deep fear of our seniors – “What do I do if something happens?” The deep fear – just another haunting worry to disrupt the peaceful early morning hours…declining health, and then losing control of their bodies, their independence and their life.

But there’s an unstoppable resilience in these precious people. And when daylight comes, and the muscles and joints begin limbering up, a sense of humor emerges once again. And comments are overheard, like “Getting old isn’t what it’s cracked up to be…but it sure beats the alternative!” And a recent remark from an elderly woman using a walker who bragged about being a former policewoman when she used to “pack a pair of 38 specials:” “Honey…I don’t GET heart attacks, I GIVE ’em!”

So, what can we do? Is there a way that one of us, some of us, can ease the burden, even if just a little, for the 61,602? Anything we can do now, today, will make it easier when, in 2030, WE join the 145,752. Let’s begin, shall we? Let’s each pick something we can do to make a difference for these quiet, unheard, wonderful human beings. Let’s just choose something, even if it’s just a little thing. And then let’s tell our story…seniors love stories.