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Primary Care Program!

In-Home Primary Care for Senior Health In-Home Primary Care for Senior Health In-Home Primary Care for Senior Health
Retirement Community

In-Home Primary Care for seniors!

Offered to seniors living in retirement communities
(Independent and Assisted Living)

In your community, the DOCTOR comes to YOU,
in the comfort and convenience of your own room!

    Benefits to Your Community
  • Distinguishes your community from others in the marketplace
  • Grows census by providing services valued by every resident
  • Grows census by building community interest and loyalty
  • Free promotion on healthcare business websites
  • Your community will have its own House Calls standing schedule
  • Works cooperatively with staff to ease staff workload
  • Much more – speak with Dr. Fuller
    Benefits to Residents
  • Avoids the inconvenience of transport to/from each doctor appointment
  • Identical cost/billing as doctor’s office
  • Easy to schedule appointment
  • Strictly voluntary - may keep current Provider as well as use House Calls
  • Familiarity - the same Provider each week
  • Automatic member of Mobile Medical Home
  • Much more – speak with Dr. Fuller

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